Stories are the building blocks of humanity.

People will endure an awful lot for a good story. We hunger for them the way we hunger for food. They help us make sense of life.

Good stories will challenge your perception of the world and if you let them, they’ll change you. When they capture your attention, they become a real escape and can return you more developed.

They have a symbiotic relationship with life, each needing the other for survival. They’re essential to belief systems, for each generation to improve upon the last, and for a honeybee to let the rest of the hive know where to find the nectar-rich flowers. They’re the medium that connects us together and equips us to live a happier life.

Capturing a Story

Whether passing along wisdom, recalling a memorable event, or just sharing laughter, each story contains it’s own unique value and the opportunity to view the world through the lens of the storyteller. Capturing another person’s story, big or small, is the ultimate way to understand the journey of their life and how they’ve ended up where they are.

We all perceive the world differently, so to effectively capturing somebody’s story, we must set judgments aside and fully engage in the stories they’re telling. It requires involved listening so the right questions can be asked to more accurately step into their shoes.

Sharing Your Story

What happens when I write a story, is I better understand my own life. Telling stories helps me learn what to value. They can help me communicate complicated concepts. And they create a faster, stronger connection with others.

A good story doesn’t just happen by accident. They are skillfully structured and intentionally created.  Being able to share stories in a way that helps others understand and identify with a concept is a powerful skill.  One I will always try to develop, hence this blog and other projects.

Fortunately, the resources to clearly share a story are abundant. Donald Miller’s guide, How to Tell a Story, is a great place to start.

Take notice and engage with the stories that are being told all around you. Discover the elements of a story that capture your attention. Practice exchanging stories that inspire, educate, and bring us closer to one another.

You have life-changing stories to tell.

Let them be heard.

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