“Okay, now you hold.”


Known to be a place for breeding, rearing and letting you play with insects and arachnids, the Siam Insect Museum in Chiang Mai was a perfect launchpad into my insect hunt in northern Thailand.


Chiang Mai Dragonfly

Nobody seemed to care about my nosey hands-on interaction. They were rather entertained to watch a white boy “play” with the (“only a little bit”) poisonous scorpions. I was able to see and learn how they raised their crickets bred for spider food. Then after they got tired of me asking, “Can I eat this?”, out popped the map and place where I could maybe find the feast I was looking for. I’ll take a “maybes” all day so long as the police continue not to care about reckless scooter driving. Hands down the fastest, least expensive and most thrilling way to explore!

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