What would happen if… click here to find out

…is my favorite question. As soon as you ask it, a new opportunity presents itself. Stop for a second and as yourself a what if. Make it big one.

Have one? Well then now you’re faced with a choice. Should I or shouldn’t I? … Unfortunately, the unknown result of following through on what ifs often steers us back to our comfort zone and we carry on without giving your potentially life-changing what if a fair chance. Which is why I always follow-up what ifs with this question:

What’s the worst-case scenario?

Even the worst-case scenario has benefits. Chances are you won’t die, you can always get back up on your feet, and you’ll have new experiences to learn from.

Ironically, a clear understanding of the worst-case can bring a sense of peace and help you take a step towards the open door your what if question opened.

This same habit of asking “what ifs” followed by a comparison of the worst (and best) case scenario is what triggered me to start my first business, to live out of my car for a year, to move to Thailand and what I give most credit to for an eventful life.

Of course, none of that would’ve happened if those “what ifs” never had a fair consideration. So that leads us to…

Pulling the Trigger

Now that we know the stakes for failure and success, making the decision whether to follow through or not is a just a matter of weighing the potential pros against cons. Factoring your risk for failure/success, if the pros outweigh the cons, go fucking do it.

Thoughts, questions and knowledge without action is just useless information. “Action is the secret to success” –  Tony Robbins (who fed 10 million children last year).


Do Me a Favor

Fill in this blank below and leave your response in the comments:

Matt, what would happen if you __________ ?

I’ll reply with what I assume is the worst case scenario and if the potential pros out-weigh the cons, I’ll do it.

Do You a Favor

Is the worst case scenario all that bad? If not, be brave and take action. If it is, tweak your “what if” to find a less-risky action you’re that you’re actually willing to take.

The widget below was created to help you take action on your “What if” questions. By weighing the risk with the worst and best case scenario, you’ll have a clear vision to make a confident decision where or not to follow through.

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Here are some “What Ifs” from others:

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Life is a dance between what we want,
and what we fear.

10 thoughts on “What If I _______ ?

    1. Worst case, we wake up in a random Thailand hotel to notice a ring on our finger. We spend a day together “giving it a shot” only to find we’re not the least bit compatible (we can’t even speak the same language), so we get divorced. On our way out of court, we both step in cat poop.

      To avoid the worst case, I’ll avoid getting drunk in the red-light district and be intentional with the women I court.

      Best case, I would be a happy man knowing I found a woman to conquer the world with! I would also make mom and dad extra happy with a few grandchildren to help raise ;)

      Let’s tweak the “what if” that gives me realistic actionable next steps towards that idea you proposed (which is currently in “eventually but in no rush” category FYI): what if I committed going on one date every other week regardless of what country I’m in?

  1. What if you became the biggest YouTuber ever? (It will happen one day soon) Would you still reply to comments?.. Do the same things you do? ect.

    1. Worst case, I loose all humility and never reply to Jess again.

      Best case, stay humble and always be grateful for the encouraging people like Jess who were there since the beginning!

      1. Hahaha TOO Awesome!! Hopefully you stay humble… Or I’ll have to kick your butt lol.

        Here’s one..what if you fall in love with someone who hates tiny homes and just that way of life in general?
        And How would you know you’ve found someone who truly likes you for you and not just because you’re famous? I’m curious how you wpuld figure that one out?

        1. Fortunately you’re there to keep me in check!

          Ooo good one, I can’t say it hasn’t crossed my mind. Which is why I’m plotting the tiny home on land large enough to accommodate the necessary expansion that comes with a dog, a special someone, a few other special little ones, and of course decadent dinners and cake fights!

          The later will be a challenge. But one I trust my heart will guide me through, so long as I listen to it.

          Thanks for the thoughts Jess :)

          1. Great response! The gut is always right! ??
            Happy to watch and learn with you through your journey Matt!! You’re a really great guy and deserve nothing but the best! Keep up the good fight ?❤ Have an amazing New Year!!!????

          2. Really appreciate that Jess. You’re support is fuel to the fire through the journey. Fight on we shall! Hope the remaining few days of the year serve you well. Excited for what the New Year will bring!

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