Back from Thailand with thought for food,
and I didn’t come alone…

Last year, I made a last minute decision to u-turn my Argentina-bound trip to Thailand, with a specific mission in mind…

Weeks earlier, my brothers and I caught wind of an emerging food that has the potential to be a solution to the food scarcity of our growing population – insects! We got involved right away by creating nutritious food bars made with ground-up crickets. Kudos to brother Ben, the food scientist who developed our nutritious, whole-food recipes.

These cricket bars are delicious, nutritious and expensive! A single bar contains up to 80 crickets so we’d have to sell them retail for $4 each to just break even. Something had to change, or we’d be forced to shelf the project.

Inspired by the success of Frank Lucas, a gangster who went to the source and smuggled heroin into the United States, I decided to trace these critters to their thriving source.

By visiting Thailand and establishing key relationships with entomologists and farmers, we were able to reliably (and legally) begin producing cricket powder for a fraction of the price it was previously available. More about that experience here.

Then we realized we created something far too great to keep to ourselves! We’ve pivoted from selling cricket protein bars, to selling cricket ‘flour’ so other creative food entrepreneurs could get involved at a lower price barrier.


Thinksect Cricket Flour

Made from happy, healthy crickets from Thailand.

Huge kudos to friends at Khon Kaen University who’s on-going research leads the industry in insect agriculture. They aided our quest by introducing me to seasoned insect farmers and working with us to develop sustainable cricket rearing practices and thus, this cricket powder.

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The future of this golden powder is up to you.

Over two billion people eat insects as a part of their diet already. Let’s create a sustainable future together and convert the other five billion.

See what innovative foodies have been creating with cricket flour at

My challenge to you:

Get a free sample of our cricket flour and create something with it. A protein-rich cookies, a post-workout smoothie, cat food, anything!

By just doing that, you’re actively taking part creating a sustainable future and pushing our evolving humanity forward.

Don’t forget to share your creation with me :)

Get a Sample & Get Involved

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2 thoughts on “A Journey to the Source, and a Harvesting the Return

  1. I’ve tasted products using your cricket powder and they have been delicious. The high quality protein is something I’m excited about

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