Nature holds all the secrets on how to be abundant, resilient and divine.

30 Day Zero Waste Challenge (Part 3)

I’m pretty certain Ree was a tree in her past life as her presence embodies the bliss of nature. To further build awareness in how to be a better steward for planet earth, she created Fort Negrita which she eloquently describes as “a myth to matter place that composites an online zero waste store, a blog of Earth-advocating tips, and trash free projects”.  So step on into the Fort, and join Ree and I as we discuss the humbling struggles, joys, and insights in-between of our zero waste journey.

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The Struggle is the Glory

Ree confirms from her own experience that the life of a zero waster requires resourcefulness, self-reliance and commitment. Which are all invaluable qualities to admire and ripple into many other aspects of ones life. Though they a deal of time and dedication to develop, so here are the two simple daily actions anyone can incorporate to cultivate these these characteristics while dramatically decreasing their waste and being a better servant to the planet.

1. Cultivate awareness

Look before you toss. Awareness of how you produce waste will empowers you to replace passive wasteful actions.

2. Prepare & Equip

Once you’re aware of what your four pounds of waste each day (American average) consists of, you can start getting creative with introducing small alternatives. Emphasis on small because it’s the simple things like reusing a cup that will eliminating the majority of wasteful practices.

In my pursuit of less waste and in speaking with a dozen other waste conscious people, these are the top three items you can equip yourself to refuse waste:

  1. Bottle
  2. Utensil
  3. Cloth Napkin

In hindsight, these two steps are closely related to Lauren Singer’s 2 Steps to Zero Waste (who I interviewed for next week’s podcast).

Most important: find what works for you. And, when in doubt, look to nature.

Nature holds all the answers, go outside and ask some questions, open your heart and listen to the response.” – Amethyst Wyldfyre

The Key for Living Zero Waste

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