because why put a fence around it?

Kokoro: Japanese for ‘HEART’, not as the body part, but as a feeling.

home is where the heart is

A tiny house is an opportunity to rediscover the long-lost freedom and sense of adventure we had as kids in our backyard treehouse. It’s the chance to work with others to create an environment that inspires meaningful experiences. And in the process, perhaps redefine the meaning of home.

Watch the Building Process!

Get Involved

Whether you have design feedback, want to swing a hammer, or simply enjoy the ride, this tiny house is a welcoming project and I’m grateful for any help I can get, thank you!

7 thoughts on “Building a Hempcrete Tiny House

    1. Hey Alex, I’m building it at Green Anchors a lot in St. Johns in Portland, OR. Here’s a link you should be able to find the contact information on there and reach out:

      Are you planing on building a tiny house here in Portland?

      1. I’m planning on looking into green anchors and if I can eventually rent a space to build on. I was unaware of the natural building materials you’re using, like hempcrete, the heat treated wood & what you covered it in. Its all very interesting.

          1. I’m thinking about spinning my own yarn, so yeah; it’d be interesting to care for animals only to put some of them inside my walls! If I can do it that way, that is; I might have to do as you did and get boxes of it elsewhere.

  1. Hey Matt, how is the build going? Looking for the final outcome, but not seeing anything – so maybe you are off traveling again. Very interested to see how it all turns out for you!

    1. Hi there Monty, you guessed it! I’ve been down in Central Mexico chasing some childhood dreams ;) excited to get back early spring to continue with the build and updates. Pura vida!

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