Two Minds are Better Than 1

1 + 1 = 3

“No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind .”– Napoleon Hill

Hill reveals when two people are coordinated through a common interest, their energy forms a synergy that amounts to creations neither could have imagined or created solo. Such was the case for two childhood friends growing up on the epic playground of the Teton Mountains.

Following their third mind led to challenges, adventure and a rewarding outcome.

Passion Driven

Passion Driven

In this universe of energy and matter, energy becomes the building blocks to construct matter. But what fuels energy? Food, sure. Sleep, yes. Passion, definitely!

In the days spent shredding water (wakeboarding), snow (skiing), concrete (skating), and reaching for as much air as they could flip in, the two amigos noticed they shared an entrepreneurial spirit and an interest in graphic & web design. Short films, ramp building and other collaborative project ensued as they were always looking for the next medium to pour their creative energy into while increasing their business savvy.

The growing desire to tackle tougher challenges paired with the sudden shared interest in exploring the vast world of apparel, it was decided that clothing would act as the vehicle; design as the Audi-like interior; action sports as the fuel; and Red Bull smoothies as the oil.

Action Risen

Action Risen

With zero business experience or capital, creativity and the collaborative enlightenment of the “third mind” became the lifeblood of every decision. Ideas bounced back and forth between the two until the imaginary third decided to step in and run with it. Every step into the unknown of starting a clothing company was faced with decisions and mistakes that resulted in two steps closer to a viable business. After a hundred scrapped designs, a thousand thrown out ideas, and fifteen million seconds later it was time to see if anyone would be interested in… wait, what about the name!?

Right, the name… the hardest part of this project. It was decide the name had to represents the feeling of thrill and euphoria that takes over after conquering something that requires relentless dedication. Like the feeling that hits when you finally land that new trick, or perfecting that tricky recipe, even creating that first business! It’s a feeling we all seek. The high of accomplishment.

As new tricks were being conquered every visit to the ski hill or session on the lake it was assumed the word would come naturally. It never did. Perhaps a word that represents that feeling didn’t exist yet? That’s what was decide and a new word was added to the dictionary.

Disclaimer: Webster has yet to confirm whether Kuborra will be included in their latest publication. Urban dictionary, on the other hand, accepted it the same day it was submitted:

Definition of Kuborra



People > Product

Kuborra was quickly greeted by other stoked action sport athletes and enthusiasts. What started as a collaboration of two, grew into a community of many who were all pursuing that next Kuborra feeling together. A talented Kuborra team was developed and through the team’s skills, Kuborra became a platform for anyone who wanted to get involved to pursue the love for their sport.

60 Second Sesh’s were produced with athletes to showcase their talent:

Co-sponsored events and competitions where organized:

Co-Sponsored Events

Even Macklemore and Ryan Lewis partook in the action:

Then when we had some spare time, we made clothes:

Until our energy was spent …

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