Sailing towards what’s you want most in life…

One reliable thing about an unfamiliar path is being confronted with new questions that were never thought to be answered. In these times of questioning, thousands of neurons fire off processing information to help with a given decision. How these neurons process information is built from what we’ve been exposed to in our environment: parents, peers, books, blogs, etc … We really are a product of our environment.

These elements of our environment are what help us navigate through life, one decision at a time. Ideally they continue to help us understand what we value most in life. Developing these values, based on which voices in your environment you listen to, are critical to leading an active life that doesn’t rely on others to make decisions. Through this process, we develop a ‘life compass’ to conquer life by. Much like Captain Jack’s compass (which we’ve all envied), we craft our own unique internal life guiding compass to help us point to what we want most.

This becomes clearer as experiences help us discover what we value, and more importantly why we’ve come to value what we do. As this life compass develops and experiences reveal truths, confidence grows with every thought, decision, and action because you know you’re being guided by what you’ve discovered to be true.

Clearly defined principles and values are core components of a life conquering compass.

By not sacrificing our values, and thinking and acting in accordance with choices based in our own experiences, we have an unwavering life compass to conquer life by. Bringing us closer to closer to what we want most in life.

Sail on for the deep waters, with serenity & strength.

Or as Captain Jack puts it, “On deck, you scabrous dogs! Man the braces! Let down and haul to run free!! Now … bring me that horizon.”

sail forth and conquer

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