Want to get over your fear of something? Eat it.


After completing my mission of finding an insect food cart in Chiang Mai, it’s finally time to expand my 6-legged palate.

In order of consumption:

  1. Small Cricket (Acheta Domestica)
  2. Black Ant (Polyrhachis)
  3. Ant Ball (Have Any Ideas?)
  4. Big Cricket (Gryllus Bimaculatus)
  5. Sago Worm Larvae (Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus)
  6. Silkworm Larvae (Bombyx Mori)
  7. Cicada (Auchenorrhyncha)
  8. Queen Weaver Ant (Oecophylla)
  9. Diving Beetle (Dytiscidae)
  10. Giant Cricket (Brachytrupes Portentosus)
  11. Lobster Leg (Acheta Domestica)


A Platter of Thailand's Finest

In my short experience, eating insects seems to be more of a tourist gimmick or ingredient for a creative cuisine than a common snack. Stand next to a cart serving up insects and you’ll even see even Thais pointing in shock at some of the editable creepy crawlers (mostly younger folk). Though I have a hunch that once I get out of bigger cities into farmlands, where the pests naturally flourish in crops, eating insects would be more of a common and convenient food source.

That said, I’ve packed my pack and hit the road. Farmland here I come!

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